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Are you the employee who will help us modernize and improve Uniface even further?

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Why work at Uniface?

  • You will remain enormously challenged on a technical level.

  • Hierarchy you say? No, we don't believe in that. 
  • In terms of working hours, we are flexible.
  • We work in a melting pot of cultures.

Mattia, Software Developer

‘People should choose Uniface because its so fun, it doesn't feel like work ’ 

Erik, Technical Support Analyst

'We solve puzzles for the customer'

Jyoti, Software Architect

'After eight years of working here, I'm still challenged everyday'



Developer Fulltime Amsterdam


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Good to know

If training helps you to improve in your field, we will arrange it.

The Netherlands is a cycling country, which is why our bicycle plan is so ideal.

We like to invest in the health of our employees.