Why Uniface

'We have a lot of freedom to pursuit our ambitions.' Virgil

'Not too crazy, not too nerd.' Hong

'Are you up for a journey of learning?' 


Why you want to work for us

  • You will be challenged on a technical level.
  • During our two week sprint, creative sprint happens on day 10. What does Uniface need according to you? Grab your chance to go wild.
  • If you think that training will help you, we will arrange it.

Why you want to work for us

  • We don't believe in hierarchy. We feel comfortable with a flat structure and shared responsibility.
  • There is plenty of room for questions, colleagues are there to help each other.
  • We prove that developers are really social ;). And funny  too. We love a fun tech joke every now and then.

Why you want to work for us

  • In terms of working hours, we are flexible; if you are in a flow, you continue, but if you are having an off-day, then you stop early. But nobody wants to miss our daily team meeting. We really work together.
  • We look across all borders and work in a melting pot of cultures.

"For me its all about passion" Arjan (CEO)

<We love this about you>

  • You develop yourself as quickly as software.
  • Your inquisitiveness is genuinely out of curiosity. Very cool.
  • You will not be put off by bug after bug, no way. You are very persistent.
  • For you it is only natural that, besides their name and scrum role, you also know about your colleagues' interests.
  • As a true tech lover, you don't hide your enthusiasm about new gadgets.
  • You are not stubborn, just a bit headstrong, but that's okay.
  • You don't just build something, you really understand what you are doing, what the goal is and care about the convenience for the end-user.

Can you use some help with your visa? We've got you covered.

Minimum 25 vacation days and health insurance discount at Zilveren Kruis and ONVZ.

The Netherlands is a cycling country, which is why our bicycle plan is so ideal.