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Tomorrow is day 10 of the sprint, so it’s time for the creative sprint. A day on which you can go wild with technical challenges and brilliant ideas to make Uniface even better. Together with a fellow developer, you will work on something unique, something really cool. The aim being your plan to get a spot on the planning board after the educational presentation.

What will you be doing as a developer?

  • You start your day à la scrum by going through the stories. Which bite of that gigantic cake do you get according to the digital board? Are you going to design, implement or test… Everything you do, you document in the Git repositories.
  • Research phase, proposals, feedback loop, exploration phase, testing, testing. Scrum is all about consensus.
  • Your superpower is to invent and create new, better possibilities. But you also enjoy making improvements when it comes to maintaining what is already there.
  • During the biweekly sprint review, you all reach agreement across the board

Mattia, Software Developer

“The best characteristic of my position is that while automatizing Uniface build and test processes, I have the opportunity to understand them in deep. This means that I need to master CI/CD tools but also become familiar with our whole software stack. A great growth opportunity.” Mattia

Who are you as a developer?

  • Bachelor's in computer science, check!
  • Software is your middle name. You don’t have to be widely experienced, deeply is also fine.
  • You dare to question your fellow developers, because you know that it contributes to a fantastic end product.
  • And when you receive feedback yourself, you are perfectly able to deal with it. It’s how you learn.
  • You enjoy giving input, you don’t feel inhibited because 40 others might have something to say about it. You just know that your input is also appreciated.
  • Keeping agreements is only logical, and you feel responsible for what you say and do.
  • You have an unprecedented talent for languages and you like to keep them up-to-date. The language of communication at work is English and you master the programming languages master C, C ++ and Javascript.
  • Technologies such as Ansible, Docker, K8S appeal to you.
  • You always keep the customer in mind, in everything that you do.

Why work at Uniface?

Uniface develops software for developers. With 36 years of experience and the mindset of a start-up. That aspect of connection also applies to us as developers. We come from all over the world and all have different expertises; we really are better together. Our head office is in Amsterdam, but because of Covid-19, we work from home as much as possible and talk to each other online, for as long as is necessary.

What do you get as a developer?

  • An insane amount of technical challenge, because you are working on something today that developers will need tomorrow.
  • The source code you are working with is more than 36 years old. But this code, which we still work on every day, is rock solid. In fact, we even dare to improve it.
  • Colleagues you can build with. Collaborate online through teams, or find a mentor colleague to chat with. Whatever works for you. The friendly and informal atmosphere is even noticeable online.
  • Freedom! Work your hours whenever you want, as long as you are present at meetings.
  • You earn between € 3200,- and € 3500,- per month.
  • Need help arranging a visa? No problem.
  • And if you ever retire, you already know that it is well arranged.

Is working as a developer at Uniface a job for you?

Whether you are just starting out with programming, or you were at the forefront of Pascal, you are welcome. So are you the developer who will help us modernize and improve Uniface even further? Then press the “apply” button.

Acquisition as a result of this vacancy is not appreciated.

Interested or questions?

Feel free to contact us

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